My Ideals

Education is the Key

I have learned doing my due diligence that one person by himself cannot possibly make the best decisions for all. We all come from different backgrounds and need to work together to make sure all segments of our community are educated for their own career paths. I want all kids to graduate and be able to follow their dreams. I want to graduate kids who can go to ivy league schools and can find a cure for cancer, but I also want to graduate kids who go to community college or directly to work and enjoy their lives and can provide for their families. Every student is important. Our society needs great technical people, farmers, childcare workers, doctors, lawyers, accountants, and engineers. EVERY career path that our children choose is equally important to our society and we need to work to remove any stigma associated with any choice that a student makes that doesn’t involve a 4 year college education post high school. Our schools need to prepare our kids for their next steps in life, whatever those next steps may be.


Be a compassionate voice for our kids and parents.

Support our Pitt County Schools staff in seeking out initiatives to make Pitt County students competitive with those from other school districts across the state and nation.

Make sure our schools are offering customized educational opportunities to students matched to their personal career goals and aspirations. Include high quality vocational and agricultural programs in addition to college prep tracts.

Focus on teaching kids to think and learning higher order thinking skills, the testing will take care of itself.

I believe in holding kids accountable for their behavior. Teachers are expected to educate our kids and it’s unfair to continue to ask them to handle disruptions that derail their teaching. It is unacceptable when students who behave are punished for the ones that don’t.

Improve communication with parents at the classroom and school level. School is not what it used to be when most of our parents were in school. Parents need help in understanding what is being taught and how it is being taught so parents can help their kids. Text books are just one example of an area that when removed from the class, need to be substituted with some other tool that parents and students can access from home when a classroom lecture is missed or needs additional reinforcement.

Listen to and consider suggestions from students and parents to make our schools better.

Make sure all of our students, regardless of their school, are given equitable opportunities.

Evaluate the effectiveness of current student testing. Work to eliminate ineffective or duplicate testing wherever possible.

Employee Focused

Seek out and encourage the ideas of our teachers and staff in Pitt County working on the front lines. Yield to their needs and concerns.

Work to create the best school district for teachers, staff, and administrators to work for in North Carolina. Advocate and lobby for greater local supplements to improve teacher pay. Focus on creating supportive work environments for our employees at all levels of the school system.

Provide career advancement opportunities to keep great teachers in the classroom rather than moving them out as they advance in their careers.

Help teachers get back to teaching instead of testing.

Offer teachers a seat “at the table” when decisions are being made and policy being formed. They are our front lines; we need their input.

Pitt County Schools should work to maintain long term principals to build lasting relationships with their school staff and the communities they serve in. Keeping long-term principals will help in keeping long-term teachers.

Community Focused

Work with community and education leaders from all over Pitt County to stay abreast of what is going on in economic development and higher education. Form partnerships where Pitt County Schools can benefit from and provide a benefit to the community at large.

Seek out opportunities in school operations to maximize the effectiveness of our education dollars and resources.

Engage and communicate with state legislators to make significant changes to our public education system including increased funding and changes in testing and evaluation.

Work respectfully with others on the board for the benefit of our students and community. Leave any agenda other than the benefit of our students outside of the board room.

I believe building relationships and developing true community schools are the best things we can do to overcome achievement deficiencies in our students.