Strong schools make strong communities.
Strong communities make strong schools.

Betsy Flanagan for Pitt County Schools Board of Education District 4

“Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children”
– Walter Elias Disney

Betsy's Story

Betsy Flanagan is a Christian wife, mother, accounting consultant, and parent advocate for our public schools in Pitt County.

Trusted Pitt County Voices On Betsy's Commitment

Betsy has been active in our Parent Engagement Program (PEP) this year, which provides parents and community members opportunities to learn about all facets of public education and leadership. Between the seven day-long classes and the planning and implementation of leadership projects, PEP requires a significant commitment of time and energy.
Kathy Herring President, Parents for Public Schools of Pitt County
I’ve worked closely with Mrs. Flanagan over the past six years. All three of Betsy's boys have come through my school. She was an active PTA member and volunteers regularly assisting in classrooms, book fairs, science days, and as a guest speaker. She's been instrumental in spearheading Farmville Schools Palooza. Betsy is a huge cheerleader for public schools. I'm grateful to have her daily help in my school!
Allison Setser Principal, HB Sugg and Sam D. Bundy Elementary School
Betsy Flanagan is a vivacious and energetic young lady who embraces her role as mother of three young public school students as well as avid supporter of our public schools. She is eminently qualified for the role of the Pitt County Board of Education. I am confident she will serve our children with dignity and compassion.
Bobby Evans Mayor, Town of Farmville, NC
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Do You Know Where & When To Vote for Betsy Flanagan?


OCTOBER 14: Last day to get registered for the 2016 General Election
OCTOBER 20: Early voting begins
NOVEMBER 5: Early voting ends
NOVEMBER 8: 2016 General Election

Click on the link to find your polling place! If you have a “4” in the last column of the attached link, you are in District 4 and can vote for Betsy.